Thanksgiving was good. The usual get-together with some portion of extended family, lots of food, lack of sleep on weird beds, and sitting around playing “UNO – Aria Edition” with cousins. Same old cards, but we sing everything instead of talking, and our parents kicked us out to the dorm to play. Whoever’s turn it is to play generally gets precedence when playing UNO Aria, but it’s still fairly open ended for conversation. Ryming and lyrical quality is encouraged, in addition to trying to sound halfway decent musically. And yes, I know, my family is strange. I fit right in.

And now, from the depths of the internet, a nugget of wisdom to ponder – what is the sound of one blog clapping? Er, no that’s not quite right. If a blog falls in a forest, does it make a sound? Hmm. Ah! A blog *is* the sound of one hand clapping! That’s what it was. But who cares. it’s interesting for one person, at least. No, the world probably doesn’t care about whether my blog makes noise in the forest, but who cares! . . . er, that is, I don’t. But anyhow. A bit of work to finish before the end of the semester, so no more updates untill probably Christmas or so. If you listen real close, now, you can hear the sound of the post button posting. In a forest. With one hand. Or something.


More Of Life, Lack Of Time, And Genny!

Guenevere, actually. But she goes by Genny for short. That’s right folks, I have my car now, and have been teaching myself how to drive a stick-shift on my 45-minute commute to school every day. It’s fun. Aside from the fact that I don’t have a radio (It worked….then it didn’t, and hasn’t, so no music or nothin’), and since I got gas this afternoon the Old Girl’s conked out on me randomly a couple times. Needs some drygas, I think. And taking her over to a friends shop tomorrow afternoon to do a little touch up on a couple rust spots before winter, change out a door for one in better shape, a headlight for ditto, and other miscellany.

But anyway. Halfway through the semester already! w00t! I’m sort of feeling on top of things this week, too. I’ve got stuff well underway for Lit. class Friday, stuff for Technical Graphics I’ve got the weekend to work on, etc.

And, in other news Go Red Sox! Eight games straight in post season to win the world series! And there was a full lunar eclipse tonight, as well. Viewing conditions here were quite good, clear and crisp, though I didn’t actually watch much of the eclipse. And I still haven’t quite got my website’s stylesheet straightened out, but I think I’m missing some ‘class=”class_name”‘ bits in a few places on my pages, so yeeah. And it’s bedtime (way past, actually, it being quarter to one), so Good Night, People!! I’m feeling way too happy for no reason right now!!! Yeah.

Aesthetic Uglyness And Other Oddities

I was just realizing the other day that this blog is incredibly plain, boring, and otherwise pretty clinical in regard to it’s aesthetics. It also occurred to me that I could do something about that, because it couldbe spruced up with pretty widgets without detriment to overall use, presentation and load-time, and said graphical improvements would probably increase general appeal. Always a good thing.

So, sometime in the next couple months, I will attempt to grok blogger’s code and work on revamping things around here. At the moment, however, I’m re-working/formatting the CSS stylesheet for my website. It was pretty convoluted and hard to read. In addition to having things in there that appear to be for no reason at all. (Well, they were originally, but that’s because I borrowed a stylesheet I liked to learn from…..) So I’m spending a couple hours un-spagettiizing it and making it so I know what actually does what.

Fall Is *Deffinitely* Here

I can tell. See, here in New England we have this special hunting season, we call it Leaf Season, when lots of people from other places come up here by the busload for the sole purpose of shooting at our leaves. I should think it would be annoyingly easy, too, since they’re such nice bright colors.

But what do I know. I live here. It is a convenient way to tell that fall is here, though. Leaf season and Fall always coincide, for some reason.

Ah, now, in other more important news, I finally have my car. Yeah! Went and retrieved it (along with the last of lots of spare parts) this afternoon, and she sits in the driveway. Waiting to be driven.

Anyway. I’ve gotten in the habit of staying up far too late over the past week or so, and it’s not a good idea. I’m going to bed, since it’s already later than it should be.

In Search Of A Title

Or, I’m too tired to come up with one and why am I blogging right now? I have no idea. I just finished up some stuff for Lit tomorrow, so I don’t have to do it tomorrow morning….I’m listening to random mp3s (Switchfoot at the moment)….and….not thinking. I should be going to bed, so I can get up tomorrow. I don’t have class until 1300, but I have to go by the bank and stuff to transfer monetary, um, funds, out of my account for the next school payment and my car. Yeah! I’ll have it as soon as we can get it registered and inspected.

I’ve also been spending way too much time lately fiddling with dbmix and xmms and trying to get pytone (my usual mp3 player) to output to dbfsd via mpg321, but I’m having trouble figuring out how. I think I need a shell script in between things to make it all play nice….

Yeah. Anyway. Time to catch up some small bit on sleep.

This Is That Time Of The Year….

The weather gets nippier, the leaves start turning, Apple Cider is in abundance (for only $3.19 a gallon, lower, sometimes!), and my brother and I stop leaving our windows wide open all the time.

It’s also an awesome time to go hiking, since the weather’s cooler and the leaves are pretty and all that. So we hiked up Tumbledown Mtn. (just north of Weld, ME) yesterday with the Youth Group. We had a great view from the top – if you happen to like thick fog. It was kinda cool, actually, though being in a cloud is a tad chilly this time of year. It was fun.

And, of course, no time of the year would be complete without a computer problem, so I borked up Mom & Dad’s iMac last week for them in the process of trying to find OS 9’s multiple users feature so my little brother can’t bork up the iMac. Brilliant, I am. But anyhow. I just got it booting up again, now for the fun, fun task of restoring things more or less back to their previous state. Which involves lots of time reinstalling drivers, copying a truckload of apps and files and miscellaneous kit back in from my server and then making it all work nice. Although it does force one to organize and straighten things out a bit, which that machine really needs.

So have a happy fall, and I’ll refrain from cracking bad jokes about saying hi to the ground for me when you get there.

It’s A Hectic Life

Really. School, and other stuff, and more school. And no time. At least not to blog. I really actually don’t have time right now, as I should be reading about the life of Percy Bysshe Shelley, but I’m having too much fun viewing my apps at the clear crispness of my new monitor (Sony G400 – 19″), which is a whole heckofalot better than my dying Sun. (GDM20D10 – it’s not a bad monitor, except for the fact that the green gun went so everything had a nice fuscia tint to it. Ok on flowers, not on monitors.)

But anyhow. Yeah, I have two papers due Friday (for the same class, no less), which means I have a cartload of research, thinking, and writing to do. And the usual homework, darn it. I just remembered that. Ooh! I should be getting my car this weekend, though (no, that isn’t really related, yes, I know), which will be nice. I’m looking forward to that, at least.

Ah, yes, the joys of College, eh? At least I have mostly awesome and generally pretty cool profs., which is a big plus. Loving it, really. Right, folks? Right.

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

This morning I wished I were snoring
But I had to get up and go to class;
At least it wasn’t *too* boring.

Had a test, actually, which wasn’t bad at all, really. A bit windy on the point, and rainy, but not too awefull. Leftovers from Francis finishing off our summer, what. Feeling more like fall now, sweater and jeans type weather. Quite pleasant after the last couple days, which tended toward the humid-and-slightly-too-warm-for-comfort side of things.

So the weather’s ok, just so it doesn’t rain (too much) this weekend, we’re going up to Papoose Pond (along with 160 or so other people from church) for the annual semi-official church camping weekend. And I get to drive up tomorrow night after Lit. class, yipee! Which reminds me, I need to get directions from Dad, I don’t quite remember how to get there. Also need to type in some lyrics for Roger. However, I don’t have a printer accessible from this machine at the moment. And the AP’s printer has been finicky, so Rog might have to go yet another week without words. Ar. I _really_ need to try to find a motherboard for Snoopy, or fix it or something. It’s a pain not being able to use the laser printer for anything at all.

Anyway. I should probably do some of my reading for Lit., or I’ll be trying to cram it tomorrow, which isn’t good for the digestion. Literary or figurative.

It’s a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

‘…A beeootiful day in the NAAAyborhoood….’

Blog posts do not do justice to Mr. Rogers. Yeah. Um, beautiful week, actually. A little humid at the beginning of the week, but it dried off and was gorgeously nice, sunny, warm, and breezy (at least down at school). So there. And I survived my first week of college with flying colors, too. (Everybody now! Sing with me! ‘I`m lo-vin` it’ (No, blog posts do not do justice to McDonald’s ™ ads either…..) ).

AAAAnyway. I have a three day weekend to do not a whole lof of homework, and it’s supposed to be just as nice through the weekend as it has been. I dunno. ‘What is perfect? Besides tomorrow. Ah, tomorrow. Because tomorrow is an endless possibility. And an endless possibility is the second-best thing to wake up next to.’ (Thanks Gospel.)

I can’t, however, unless I go to bed, and I think I shall because it’s getting on it years.

What, School, Eh?

‘`E’r you are.’
‘I’m not dead!’
‘Wot’s at? `E says ‘es not dead.’
‘Yes `e is.’
‘I’m not!’
‘`E is too.’
‘I think I’ll go for a walk’
‘No, you won’t, you’ll be stone dead in a moment.’

Ok, so I have no clue why I thought of that Monty Python routine. School is awesome. Really. I love the campus, I love my professors (except I don’t know about my Lit. Prof. until Fri.), I love my classes so far, etc. I love sitting out by the lighthouse (in My Spot) for lunch and watching the harbor traffic, or sitting in my tree (which, it just occurred to me, might be worthy of a name) and watching boat traffic from a different angle and studying or whatever. Incidentally, did you know, that the breakwater out to Spring Point Light is built on a ledge, and that ships would sometimes go the wrong side of the lighthouse and go aground before the breakwater was built? I learned that at lunch from a passing harbor tour boat.

So anyhow, I’m enjoying myself quite a bit. Circuits class is pretty easy at the moment, and Government promises to be very interesting. Technical Graphics Standards should be fun, and I don’t know about Lit. yet, but I’m optimistic. I’m lagging on some sleep, however, since I stayed up slightly later than intended last night due to an accidental nearly-really-bad-thing-happening putting a new hard drive in Wallace (my server). I deleted my entire /home directory, but luckily after I had copied it to it’s new partition. So I just spent a little time juggling partitions and it’s all mostly nice and spiffy now. Don’t work on computers (critical stuff like swapping out drives and such) when you’re too tired, it don’t pay. You can’t think straight. (It also took me until tonight to realize that the reason I couldn’t mount my Dad’s thumbdrive on my box was because I was trying to mount sdb1 instead of sda1. Duh. I don’t _have_ any SCSI devices on this box….)

Anyway. Enough for today. So I’ll leave you with the words of this sign, which, if heeded could be the end of all the problems Professors have. On one of the roads into campus, a board which reads ‘Faculty and Staff only. No Students beyond this point.’