The Digloo

The Digloo is a winter phenomenon most common in yards with 1) large snow banks, and 2) kids around frequently. We started building them roughly six years ago, and they’ve gotten progressively bigger over the years. After writing this page I found out that other people have been doing the exact same thing for decades and calling them Quinzhees. Go figure.

They are mostly an alternative to proper Igloos, which require blocks to build with or sticky snow to make snow discs with. Digloos, on the other hand, only require a medium sized snowbank or other pile of snow. You pretty much just dig a hole in the side and hollow it out and, if you want too, take the diggings and put it on top of the pile or on the side to make the thing bigger. It works rather well, but after a while you have to put a conscious end to it or it can go on forever.

Ok, pics. I feel kinda proud of myself because I named them so if you sort them alphabetically they come out in the order I took them and give a sort of virtual tour.

(Need to fix the gallery.) Pending…