Sing Ho! for the Weather.

Gee, I love hot humid weather. Heat I can stand, but heat coupled with air nearly humid enough to be mistaken for fog, that is what I don’t like. Cold and foggy I can deal with (and enjoy somewhat), but the heat just drains your energy like edarotaG. Or something.

I didn’t go to work today because when I woke up it was raining. And thundering. So decided to sleep in a little, and, of course, it decided to stop raining about 0900-ish and just look slightly ominous and unpredictable. And it hasn’t rained since. In fact, the sun is shining (as much as it does on very hazy days, anyhow), and I was going to see if my boss was down at the site but managed to not be able to. Lost track of time doing errands and didn’t have time to swing by before Mom needed the car, and made Mom late for her meeting to boot. (This is what we have watches for, people!)

So it’s been a not quite tops day so far . . . although I have gotten some more stuff sorted in my room. Major reorganizations are not precisely my forte, but it really really really need(s|ed) it in order to have workable space for both myself and my brother, room for school books, etc. Really amazing how much miscellaneous stuff I had stashed around here. So far this afternoon I’ve recycled a six-eight inch stack of old catalogs and papers I had around for no apparent reason. I’ve also got most of my stacks sorted and filed into folders, though I don’t have the folders filed properly yet, just a stack. I’m still mulling about precisely how I want to organize my Office (the shelf above my computers now designated for filing papers & correspondance of any sort, emvelopes, stamps, bank deposit slips, etc.).

Other than that, I’m just enjoying inside out of the sun, Earthsuit at a pleasant volume to be heard over computers and window fan, and the lunch I just ate now for some reason. And now, back to organizing. Stacks of books on my bed, and a general lot of stuff scattered about and begging to please be put _somewhere_else_.