Weekends Are Nice, Yo

Friday night, nothing to do and too much to do, and I don’t have to work tomorrow. Yeah. I didn’t think my room could get any worse, really, but it’s managed to do so anyhow. Lil’ Bro Kiddo got out some Lego’s, some papers got dumped, etc. I have a box of books on my bed – instead of stacked there or on Claude (my old regular chair) and stacks of books on the desk. At the moment, bunches of Robin McKinley from the library and Orson Scott Card (the entire Ender and Ender’s Shadow series) borrowed from my friend Mikael. (Good stuff. Read it. Ender’s Game is first.) And then there’s just the whole lot of other junk just around and not where it’s supposed to be, wherever that is.

(…we were meant to live for so much mo-o-ore, yeaeaheaheah…)

Eh, sorry. Switchfoot is awesome. Then, so is Take 6. Different ends of the musical spectrum (slightly, anyway – rock and jazz-a-capella), but equally awesome.

Ooo. Back from spinning around a couple times in my new desk chair (a real one!), Zippy. Like with wheels and it spins and is nice and comfy and cost me a whopping six bucks at Goodwill. Everyone, this is Zippy. Zippy, everyone. (This is fun….I’m feeling sort of like Wooton Basset (from Adventures in Odyssey) right now.

And tomorrow, I get to go do errands and stuff again. Bank (first college payment due, Goodwill (just because it’s there and I will be, too, and the local drug store for a new nail file. Lost mine while we were camping. *sigh* Ah, well. It had a good life. And maybe look at a car, too. Fun fun fun (to borrow the colloquialism).