Nondescript Sentience

Here I be, typing on my blog at midnight. What a life, eh? Sitting here in the dark, waiting for my hair to dry and listening to the crickets barely audible above the noise of my window fan and wanting to go for a long walk in the dark to listen to the wind and the crickets and smell the air. But I need sleep. So I sit here instead. Wonderful logic, that.

Finished ‘Speaker of the Dead’ tonight, thoroughly enjoying it. It tends to be a rather painful book at times, but very good nonetheless. Also took a night shower, as it was very hot and humid today and I helped Dad move some old railroad ties and other hunks of tree. The sort of weather in which you just stand and sweat; you don’t have to do anything. Just stand there and the humidity clings to you and drips down the middle of your back like an impish tendril purposely trying to annoy you.

So here I sit, contemplating life and trying to make my brain define lines instead of gray areas, waiting, because I hate going to bed with wet hair. It ends up pretty weird in the morning if I do that. I should really go out in the woods one of these nights, lie in our field and look at the trees and stars. It might do me some good. To be alone, get away from some of life for a bit and work out other parts, and just know that the universe is still wheeling away just how God put in motion, that everything on Earth is like a dandelion, and that I, of all people, am loved and cared for by the Creator of the universe.