Three Cheers For Summer

So let’s here it! It was fun, it was prosperous, it had educational experiences I’ll remember and learn from the rest of my life, and now it’s all over and we all go back to school. I do, anyhow. And I really think an insane work week is the perfect way to launch into the school year, no? It wasn’t all that bad, really; the weather decided it finally wanted it to be summer, and a nice, sunny, cool, breezy one at that. A little more humid Friday, but still quite bearable, and we were roofing, too. Yesterday, on the other hand, was quite beastly. Very hot, very humid (started at 0825, was soaked and dripping by 0900), and it probably didn’t help that I worked a twelve hour day. I’ve mostly recovered, I think. I relaxed all afternoon – wiped and reinstalled my friends laptop (yes, I love windows), read, and listened to the last of the National Folk Festival on Maine Public Radio. Great stuff – Vishten, Solas, others I can’t remember the names of – and I wish I could have gone up . . . but there’s next year, I suppose.

Ah, yes, school. Which paperwork for I have some yet to do (parking permit, aka ‘Hunting License’), books to get, since I haven’t had time this week…..ah, yes. And the 0600 alarm time. (Sing ho! for eight-o’clock classes, aye, Sing hey! for the dawn o’ grey . . .) Which reminds me, I have my own car, or will in a couple weeks. Grey (no, gray…I dunno, which?) Volvo 240 sedan, ’87 I think. In awesome condition, but as yet without a name. She really needs one, too. Randy is tentative at the moment, partly due to the fact that our family has just re-read the Melendy books (Elizabeth Enright), which are just totally awesome anyway. (And yes, Spiderweb for Two _is_ definitely the best one, but only if you’ve read all the others first. In order. And I’m starting to ramble….) But Randy seems a sort of Volvo-y name to me for some reason, I dunno why. So does Betsy, though, or other such names. At any rate, I’m still working on it.

So, off to take care of what last minute details I can before tomorrow morning, and hope I don’t forget anything and that all my forms got in on time. College, here I come. And I know I’m forgeting something just now, but I haven’t any idea what or what it’s related too at all….darn. Maybe it’s time to give my brain a break.