What, School, Eh?

‘`E’r you are.’
‘I’m not dead!’
‘Wot’s at? `E says ‘es not dead.’
‘Yes `e is.’
‘I’m not!’
‘`E is too.’
‘I think I’ll go for a walk’
‘No, you won’t, you’ll be stone dead in a moment.’

Ok, so I have no clue why I thought of that Monty Python routine. School is awesome. Really. I love the campus, I love my professors (except I don’t know about my Lit. Prof. until Fri.), I love my classes so far, etc. I love sitting out by the lighthouse (in My Spot) for lunch and watching the harbor traffic, or sitting in my tree (which, it just occurred to me, might be worthy of a name) and watching boat traffic from a different angle and studying or whatever. Incidentally, did you know, that the breakwater out to Spring Point Light is built on a ledge, and that ships would sometimes go the wrong side of the lighthouse and go aground before the breakwater was built? I learned that at lunch from a passing harbor tour boat.

So anyhow, I’m enjoying myself quite a bit. Circuits class is pretty easy at the moment, and Government promises to be very interesting. Technical Graphics Standards should be fun, and I don’t know about Lit. yet, but I’m optimistic. I’m lagging on some sleep, however, since I stayed up slightly later than intended last night due to an accidental nearly-really-bad-thing-happening putting a new hard drive in Wallace (my server). I deleted my entire /home directory, but luckily after I had copied it to it’s new partition. So I just spent a little time juggling partitions and it’s all mostly nice and spiffy now. Don’t work on computers (critical stuff like swapping out drives and such) when you’re too tired, it don’t pay. You can’t think straight. (It also took me until tonight to realize that the reason I couldn’t mount my Dad’s thumbdrive on my box was because I was trying to mount sdb1 instead of sda1. Duh. I don’t _have_ any SCSI devices on this box….)

Anyway. Enough for today. So I’ll leave you with the words of this sign, which, if heeded could be the end of all the problems Professors have. On one of the roads into campus, a board which reads ‘Faculty and Staff only. No Students beyond this point.’