It’s a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

‘…A beeootiful day in the NAAAyborhoood….’

Blog posts do not do justice to Mr. Rogers. Yeah. Um, beautiful week, actually. A little humid at the beginning of the week, but it dried off and was gorgeously nice, sunny, warm, and breezy (at least down at school). So there. And I survived my first week of college with flying colors, too. (Everybody now! Sing with me! ‘I`m lo-vin` it’ (No, blog posts do not do justice to McDonald’s ™ ads either…..) ).

AAAAnyway. I have a three day weekend to do not a whole lof of homework, and it’s supposed to be just as nice through the weekend as it has been. I dunno. ‘What is perfect? Besides tomorrow. Ah, tomorrow. Because tomorrow is an endless possibility. And an endless possibility is the second-best thing to wake up next to.’ (Thanks Gospel.)

I can’t, however, unless I go to bed, and I think I shall because it’s getting on it years.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

  1. Aye, and if could be doin’ that, I would. We’ve got it pretty easy up here right now. :^)

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