It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

This morning I wished I were snoring
But I had to get up and go to class;
At least it wasn’t *too* boring.

Had a test, actually, which wasn’t bad at all, really. A bit windy on the point, and rainy, but not too awefull. Leftovers from Francis finishing off our summer, what. Feeling more like fall now, sweater and jeans type weather. Quite pleasant after the last couple days, which tended toward the humid-and-slightly-too-warm-for-comfort side of things.

So the weather’s ok, just so it doesn’t rain (too much) this weekend, we’re going up to Papoose Pond (along with 160 or so other people from church) for the annual semi-official church camping weekend. And I get to drive up tomorrow night after Lit. class, yipee! Which reminds me, I need to get directions from Dad, I don’t quite remember how to get there. Also need to type in some lyrics for Roger. However, I don’t have a printer accessible from this machine at the moment. And the AP’s printer has been finicky, so Rog might have to go yet another week without words. Ar. I _really_ need to try to find a motherboard for Snoopy, or fix it or something. It’s a pain not being able to use the laser printer for anything at all.

Anyway. I should probably do some of my reading for Lit., or I’ll be trying to cram it tomorrow, which isn’t good for the digestion. Literary or figurative.