This Is That Time Of The Year….

The weather gets nippier, the leaves start turning, Apple Cider is in abundance (for only $3.19 a gallon, lower, sometimes!), and my brother and I stop leaving our windows wide open all the time.

It’s also an awesome time to go hiking, since the weather’s cooler and the leaves are pretty and all that. So we hiked up Tumbledown Mtn. (just north of Weld, ME) yesterday with the Youth Group. We had a great view from the top – if you happen to like thick fog. It was kinda cool, actually, though being in a cloud is a tad chilly this time of year. It was fun.

And, of course, no time of the year would be complete without a computer problem, so I borked up Mom & Dad’s iMac last week for them in the process of trying to find OS 9’s multiple users feature so my little brother can’t bork up the iMac. Brilliant, I am. But anyhow. I just got it booting up again, now for the fun, fun task of restoring things more or less back to their previous state. Which involves lots of time reinstalling drivers, copying a truckload of apps and files and miscellaneous kit back in from my server and then making it all work nice. Although it does force one to organize and straighten things out a bit, which that machine really needs.

So have a happy fall, and I’ll refrain from cracking bad jokes about saying hi to the ground for me when you get there.