Aesthetic Uglyness And Other Oddities

I was just realizing the other day that this blog is incredibly plain, boring, and otherwise pretty clinical in regard to it’s aesthetics. It also occurred to me that I could do something about that, because it couldbe spruced up with pretty widgets without detriment to overall use, presentation and load-time, and said graphical improvements would probably increase general appeal. Always a good thing.

So, sometime in the next couple months, I will attempt to grok blogger’s code and work on revamping things around here. At the moment, however, I’m re-working/formatting the CSS stylesheet for my website. It was pretty convoluted and hard to read. In addition to having things in there that appear to be for no reason at all. (Well, they were originally, but that’s because I borrowed a stylesheet I liked to learn from…..) So I’m spending a couple hours un-spagettiizing it and making it so I know what actually does what.