More Of Life, Lack Of Time, And Genny!

Guenevere, actually. But she goes by Genny for short. That’s right folks, I have my car now, and have been teaching myself how to drive a stick-shift on my 45-minute commute to school every day. It’s fun. Aside from the fact that I don’t have a radio (It worked….then it didn’t, and hasn’t, so no music or nothin’), and since I got gas this afternoon the Old Girl’s conked out on me randomly a couple times. Needs some drygas, I think. And taking her over to a friends shop tomorrow afternoon to do a little touch up on a couple rust spots before winter, change out a door for one in better shape, a headlight for ditto, and other miscellany.

But anyway. Halfway through the semester already! w00t! I’m sort of feeling on top of things this week, too. I’ve got stuff well underway for Lit. class Friday, stuff for Technical Graphics I’ve got the weekend to work on, etc.

And, in other news Go Red Sox! Eight games straight in post season to win the world series! And there was a full lunar eclipse tonight, as well. Viewing conditions here were quite good, clear and crisp, though I didn’t actually watch much of the eclipse. And I still haven’t quite got my website’s stylesheet straightened out, but I think I’m missing some ‘class=”class_name”‘ bits in a few places on my pages, so yeeah. And it’s bedtime (way past, actually, it being quarter to one), so Good Night, People!! I’m feeling way too happy for no reason right now!!! Yeah.