Thanksgiving was good. The usual get-together with some portion of extended family, lots of food, lack of sleep on weird beds, and sitting around playing “UNO – Aria Edition” with cousins. Same old cards, but we sing everything instead of talking, and our parents kicked us out to the dorm to play. Whoever’s turn it is to play generally gets precedence when playing UNO Aria, but it’s still fairly open ended for conversation. Ryming and lyrical quality is encouraged, in addition to trying to sound halfway decent musically. And yes, I know, my family is strange. I fit right in.

And now, from the depths of the internet, a nugget of wisdom to ponder – what is the sound of one blog clapping? Er, no that’s not quite right. If a blog falls in a forest, does it make a sound? Hmm. Ah! A blog *is* the sound of one hand clapping! That’s what it was. But who cares. it’s interesting for one person, at least. No, the world probably doesn’t care about whether my blog makes noise in the forest, but who cares! . . . er, that is, I don’t. But anyhow. A bit of work to finish before the end of the semester, so no more updates untill probably Christmas or so. If you listen real close, now, you can hear the sound of the post button posting. In a forest. With one hand. Or something.