Weeee’re Back! And Not Much Better Than Usual!

I _am_ going to try to post and keep this blog going, partly because I don’t have any classes this semester which require writing in any shape or form other than class notes and physics/math equations. As such, this sort of thing is a good way to keep my writing skills in shape a little.

I’m also going to be keeping up a little more on the world in general, after getting in the habit for government class last semester and thinking awareness of current events and such to be a Good Thing In General. And, in writing about stuff like that, we excercise critical thinking and other such useful things.

And in addition to those noble and lofty aspirations, We, The Midget, will probably come at things from a natural point of view: techie. That is to say, as an EE student (well, ET (Electronics Technology), technically, for the Associates degree, but post that on to USM for rest of the EE degree…) and Mac/Linux geek, things in those fields will probably crop up here with some frequency. I’m trying to give this blog some semblance of purpose in order to make it more readable and interesting and…purposeful. Because however nice the thought of a genuine glimpse of someone else’s life is, it 1) often isn’t really an accurate portrayal, due to factors of subjectivity and such, and 2) does not really hold one’s attention for long, regardless of whether you are the reader or the writer. Regurgitating a summary of your life onto the screen gets old pretty quickly, since you *have* just lived it, after all.

Anyhow. Since we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s link to an interesting bit I saw on Whizbang earlier today on this article in the LA Times. Quite interesting, really. And, of course, the Slashdot discussion of this article has some insightful comments.