Happy Inauguration

I missed the inauguration fairly completely today, I was at lunch and the dining hall was too noisy to make watching it interesting. It doesn’t have the same sort of appeal as a silent film, for some reason – but we digress. Here’s to hoping Mr. Bush will do even better than he did with his first term. The BBC has an interesting take on it, with which I’m apt to agree, for the most part.

But tell me – is this just a little scary, or isn’t it? Is there a good reason for the IAC to have this type of information? Is there a reason _anyone_ should have this information right now, aside from the law enforcement? The IAC?!? And then, from another corner, we have this tidbit about ABC, courtesy of Captain Ed.

Now, on a more positive note, it’s a beautiful day, if still cold and (down here at school) windy. Three inces of fresh, white snowfall nicely augments the general sunnyness and blue skies.