And In This Corner Of The Ring….

I heard earlier today that Terry Gross was going to be interviewing Sen. Barbara Boxer on Fresh Air this evening, and I thought it might be interesting. I wasn’t dissapointed – Sen. Boxer accused conservatives of employing “Leninist Strategies”. Listen for yourself.

Sen. Boxer cited Lenin’s assertion that in order to defeat the opposing party one must keep the older folks happy and made a parallel to a statement of President Bush’s in the State of the Union Address:

“I have a message for every American who is 55 or older: Do not let anyone mislead you; for you, the Social Security system will not change in any way.”

What I fail to understand is how caring for our aging citizens amounts to Leninism. I assume, however that what Sen. Boxer did *not* mean was that Democrats don’t care about the aging percentage of the populace.

(Oh, and brownie points for slamming Social Security Reform by making the Conservative=Communist connection.)