Black Bears And Shoe Strings

The two aren’t really related, of course, except that one may find both a humorous. Depending on your sense of humor. Black bears and the hunting thereof are, apparently, a hot topic in western Maryland. From an article in the Washington Times:

A bill introduced yesterday would save the black bears of Western Maryland — by spreading them into every county of the state. House Minority Leader George C. Edwards of Garrett County offered the modest proposal in part to highlight differences between rural and suburban parts of the state.

Choice quote:

“If these people want to tell us we have to live with the bears, they should be willing to accept the bears,” the Republican lawmaker said. “They can bring their charcoal grills and their bird feeders in every night. Fair is fair.”

Why is it that people who live in cities and urban areas usually have a problem with controlling wildlife population? It’s not like they would know much about it, generally speaking.

Now, on to other things. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how many ways there are to lace a shoe, you need to take a trip over to Ian’s Shoelace Site. Anything you could ever want to know about lacing and tying shoes. Seriously. (And his Ian Knot really is fast, once you get the hang of it.) Deffinitely one for my bookmarks.