Yep, Anyone Can Be A Journalist

There’s a Washington Post article today (by Howard Kurtz) about the recent job changes of certain people in the mainstream media due to bloggers. This paragraph caught my attention:

In the case of Jordan, a 23-year CNN veteran, it was a single online posting by technology executive Rony Abovitz, after Jordan’s ill-fated comments at an off-the-record forum Jan. 27 in Davos, Switzerland, that led to his downfall. The lesson, say media analysts: In the digital age, anyone can be a journalist.

You know, for once the ‘media analysts’ are right: apparently anyone can be a journalist. So, sign up today! The New Rules of Reporting are easier than ever and now require even fewer tedious fact-checking procedures! You, too, can achieve high (or low) places.

And remember, you heard this from a Media Midget.