School, Spam, School & Spam, Eggs, School, and Spam…

In short, little time. Normal homework and such, and a couple other side projects that are occupying a couple-three extra hours per week at this point. I haven’t had time to read my bloglist this week, let alone post and do my own stuff. I did, however, actually spend some quality time away from my computer (!) yesterday, puttering at my lair in the basement. It’s a mess. As in boxes of scrounged circuit boards, miscellaneous lamps and parts, a couple pairs of unused speakers, two computers (semi-disassembled) and a monitor on my shelf over all the boxes, three more computers providing more shelf space in half the walkway to my workbench, two more monitors on the file cabinet, four more computers and misc cases/drivebays on the old bureu (which houses yet more junk), and odd piles of stuff, like keyboards, mice, cables, useful rubber, etc. And, behind the shelving unit, a pile of stuff heaped over the old school desk, consisting of an old mac monitor, a box of Cat-5 pieces I pulled out of the dumpster at school, a couple old tape decks, more boxes of wire, circuit boards and other junk, and who knows what other junk. I can’t remember. All in the space of ten feet square. And to think, it’s not as cluttered as it was yesterday morning.

Maybe it will get even better tomorrow, after homework and (possibly) shoveling (if it snows). And I need to finish up that graphics project I’m working on (which can’t be divulged publicly quite yet…). Oh yeah, and I also need to test those VCRs, too.