I Have A Lot Of Respect For Those People

Real bloggers are to be admired. I’m talking about people who blog full time, or even outside and around a day job and still crank out the commentary by the bucket. I cant really do that…besides having less to say on a great many given subjects, I generally just don’t have the time. Too much to do. School work to do, computers to work on, side projects, and a few other things. At the moment that includes resurrecting one of the old IBM towers for a windows box. (Currently an eMachine is filling that position, but it’s fan is dying and sounds horrible.) And once I’ve got a quiet windows machine back, I probably need to do a thorough overhaul of my area of the basement. It’s better than it was a couple weeks ago (I actually have room to work on things), but could use a little more work (since I only have room to work on one thing at a time).

Yeah, so anyway, I am a busy person. But not so busy I can’t kill time between classes at school surfing around and digging up clock hacks. Rather ingeneous, putting one in a G5 like that. Not, perhaps, the most tactful of mods, but interesting nonetheless. And I seem to be developing this thing for interesting clocks, but more on that later. Time to quit rambling and do something else.