Those Darned Feather Quilts

They must be needing some really good shakings this year. Yet another six-eight inches of snow, complete with high winds and cold temperatures. And busy days. It would have to dump last night, and of course school wasn’t canceled today.

The roads were pretty horrendous, as well. Before the cold front came in last night it rained for a while and then when the cold front got here, it froze. Which made things really slick. Like you could skate on Rt. 25 through Gorham kind of slick, especially once the morning rush had polished it. In fact, some people skated their cars off the road. The best way to stop was, literally, to steer into the shoulder and do your deceleration there because the snow had that much more traction than the ice did.

But spring is coming, folks! I saw three Robins at school this morning. Welcome to March in Maine.

After that wonderful drive in, I was one of five guys who showed up for class (out of about fourty). And some of those guys live in the dorms, for pete’s sake. Naturally, those of us who were there don’t.

Indeed, I truly admire the dedication of modern college students. Idiots. Don’t complain about your grades when you aren’t there 1/3rd of the time.