Spring Is Coming!

Really. I saw another Robin at church yesterday. And now I’m heading for bed so I can get up at five tomorrow morning and go shovel/snow-blow a foot+ of nice fresh white stuff down at church. Awesome, I tell ya. Absolutely awesome. Spent a couple-three hours outside this afternoon tunneling with siblings, and probably do some more tomorrow. Best banks we’ve had since we moved, I think – they’re all higher than the snow-plane of the yard, which is around three feet or so. If only I had a digital camera, I’d be photoblogging this…

Now on a completely random different topic, these things have got to be the best flower pots I’ve seen. (No! I’m not thinking of spring! Or I wasn’t…)

On to bed, then. A great prospect of a morning awaits. Really too bad about the lack of camera, it is.