Non-Frozen Precipitation

Awefully novel concept, after this winter. There are even bare patches in the back yard – puddles now, but still devoid of snow.

Anyhow, back from break and getting back in the swing of things after Easter. Six weeks ’till the end of school! That doesn’t seem possible, but it is. It’s really amazing how much one can not do over break, considering the time. In the course of last week, despite all good intentions, I managed to not do Physics homework, not do Algebra homework, and not do any reading for Circuits class. The biggest accomplishment of the week consisted of putting up bookshelves in my room, resulting in more organization and an increase in available floor real-estate. I also stayed up late and generally threw my schedule out the window. Profitable time, what. And, of course, I was so busy I had absolutely no time to post here.

And now, more later. Need to catch up on some things.