Here We Go ‘Round The Mulberry Bush

…So early in the morning. Maybe we’ll take up blogging again. Maybe we’ll abandon it again after a couple months…we’ll see. I have this love/hate thing with blogs. It goes in cycles.

Anyway, my summer is pretty much over, and we now head full tilt back into the school year. I’m looking forward to getting into micros, I wanna learn how to program stuff. My current goal is to have a working parport DMX interface by Christmas. Not designed from scratch, obviously (so much work that someone else has already done for you), but still built and programmed. My other goal is to get my corner of the basement more organized, with more shelving and workspace, so I actually have space to set up shop with room to work and a computer or two. (Or six, we’ll see what happens there, as well.)

And, of course, this blog will be either the vent to the world or a silence resembling granite. It’s probably about as interesting to the rest of the world either way, so I won’t sweat it. The most interesting blogs to read are those of people you know.