Merry Christmas!

Why I’m up at this hour working on reinstalling and restoring 1.9 gig of files to a friends laptop I’m not really sure. Particularly since I have to be up tomorrow for usual Christmas morning and church, too. It’s the spirit of Christmas, I guess.

And last night, of course, I was up till 3:00 (am) getting schroeder fully upgraded. He’s been needing a good apt-get dist-upgrade for a while, not having had the chance since early May. But, of course, I had to pick a slow day for RoadRunner(tm) and had to do other stuff all afternoon, so the morning was spent watching him download (1.5 gig of packages to DL – at 30-80kB/s) and the late evening and wee hours babysitting the rest of the process. Fun fun fun.

Aside from that, however, this week has been remarkably relaxing and productive. Cleaned out my pack and filed (most of) my junk from this semester, hacked up an A/V connector and tested my $15 Nintendo 64 (it works! Goodwill rocks), got my Flickr thing going, spent a bunch of time getting acquainted with LibraryThing, fixed the powersupply for my Boss multieffects pedal (broken wire), reassembled a friend’s Digitech RP-2000 and fixed the powersupply for that (two broken wires), whacked together a dual head linux config for my cousin, updated schroeder, completely dissasembled the old iMac (dead analog board, but PS & mobo still fine – build a linux firewall/router box, I think), slept in a lot, and did a whole lot of research on website pre-processing tools. I think I’m going with tt2site for now, I just have to figure it all out and migrate NateNet over. More fun for the Holidays. No school until January 17th, though, so plenty of time to work on Things In General(tm), read and see if I can help Dad get more of the basement organized. I need more boxes to put stuff in…

After the Holidays. I’ve got a solid week of goofing off to do with family, the other stuff can wait until post-New Years.


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  1. That almost sounds like what my brother was doing for me and my family on Christmas day. We had him running up and down the stairs with this computer or that one…funny.

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