It’s A Super-Duper New Year

So far, anyhow, but that’s always the way it goes. Yes sirree, it’s a New Year, folks! And you know what that means………A neeeeeeeeew You! All it takes is a few little resolutions, kids, and you could have a better life! Call today to recieve your free informational packet!

Ok, maybe that’s a little…commercially pessimistic. But while I don’t see much depth in the whole new beginnings thing that often fizzles this time of year, it is a good time to recoup between semesters, get reaquainted with family you’ve mostly just seen in passing since the semester started, do some things you didn’t have time to this semester, and, uh, relax.

It’s not that I dislike new beginnings and bettering yourself for fun and profit. Personally, however, I find it works better to do that sort of thing the whole year instead of chucking a nicely worded dart at the Corkboard Of Despond once a year. Not that I would know (I don’t play darts), but to be good at darts I think it takes practise. And when you have finished mulling over that profound wisdom, you may move on to greater things.