iTower Progress

Formerly an iMac…
Originally uploaded by The One True Stickman.

Heralding the first photo post from Flickr and previously mentioned here, the now-named iTower (Gromit) is progressing. The next step is building another chassis piece so he can stand up properly. The ports you see on top are technically the back of the machine. The stand piece will also house such things as the speakers, airflow, and possibly a fan, and make it possible to connect a monitor cable without tipping the whole rig over – currently the mac Video connector is pointing straight down, requiring some extra room. Normally it won’t be too much of a problem, given that he’s going to be a server, but we’ll need it occasionally.

Oh, and it all runs! Debian Sarge installed and booting, though not quite all set up. I mostly wanted to make sure it was good to go before school started and before I finished things off. The last thing I want to have to do is pull it all apart again just to hook up a CD-ROM drive to (re)install.

Once I’ve got further along (and got my conversion done website) I’ll post a full write-up with lots more pictures of construction detail. Promise.