Weekend Windchills & Websites

I heartily congratulate Old Man Winter for getting off his duff and freezing ours solid for a change. Saturday (14th) our high was 51°F – our high today was 40°F at about 12:01am and it’s been dropping ever since. NWS forecast for tomorrow is a high around 27°, wind chill values between -3 and -13. Now let it snow!

In other news, using TT2site isn’t really as hard as I thought (although I’ve yet to tackle the menu thing). It is, like a great many new things, mostly a matter of actually putting in a little time to try to understand it and realizing that it’s really all fairly straightforward, just a little complex at first bite. As soon as I get NateNet fully migrated I’ll write up an idiot’s guide. Once I figured out sort of how the variable hash works it got easier – the Template::Toolkit manual might have been helpful, in retrospect.