We Welcome You To A New Age

TT2Site totally rocks. Let me say that again: TT2Site really totally rocks. I finally got NateNet totally rebuilt – a few minor headaches and growing pains with syntax and stuff, another password reset thanks to another ISP server rebuild, a brief run-around with site copy and we are off and running with the new system, folks! Adding an item to the menu is now slick as anything compared to the previous chore of changing every single page on the site by hand. Not to mention the coolness of the rest of the template/structuring stuff – all the power of dynamic content with no client or server-side scripting. w00t.

As promised, more projects pages and knowledge and stuff will be forthcoming, now that I have the most of the technicals out of the way of creative and productive work. If I could only get school and work and the rest of life out of the way.