Maybe I’ll Move to Zooomr

I’m not really unhappy with Flickr. Sure, they’re big and slow (on a modem) and a little ugly, but it works and it’s pretty slick, and I’ve got quite a few photos there. But when along comes this neat alternative called Zooomr that looks nicer, provides more better features (like geotagging, for one), and gives you more upload space and fewer restrictions for the same low price, what is one to do, eh?

Oh, the agony of decisions. So many things to consider. I’ve got a couple dozen photos I’ll have to re-upload! I just got first Flickr comments today! Flickr lets me photoblog! I’m an Old Skool user, I don’t use a stinkin’ Yahoo ID! (Ha!) But Zooomr is cooler. Geotagging. And it looks nicer. But it has stinky numeric user URLs. [Edit: But you can change them! In your account settings. Thanks Kris.] And no upload clients yet.

Blasted Decisions.


4 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll Move to Zooomr

  1. Hi Nathanael,Thanks for posting about Zooomr.As for the numeric urls, that’s just carried over from creation time so that everyone can get into the system. You can change your “URL Name” inside of the Account center here:< HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>There are many new innovations that I’m trying to get out before April 5, but we’ll see what happens.Thanks again,Kristopher Tatecto & founder — bluebridge tech / zooomr

  2. Now that’s what I call service. It’s not every day that one posts about something on a blog virtually nobody reads and get a note from that something’s creator the next day. 🙂Anyway, I totally overlooked the change URL link in the account settings, my bad. I saw it, but it wasn’t immediately obvious as to what it did and my brain didn’t put two and two together. I’ve updated my post to be factual, as well.You’re welcome for the mention, and after this I think I’ll be migrating over soon. Zooomr’s pretty darn cool and I’m looking to those new innovations. 🙂NRH

  3. Also, about the upload clients — I’m annoucing Flickr API support tomorrow and have modified jUploadr to work with zooomr; you can pick it up < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<> for MacOS X and Windows.-Kris

  4. Sweet, I already use jUploadr for Flickr. The only drawback is I’m on Linux. Definitely migrating to Zooomr this week. 🙂NRH

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