Why Oh Why…

So vacation was great. Four days in Vermont camping out in our friends house isn’t that bad when it’s sunny enough to go to the lake and hike and all at least two of those days, and it was. Good company always helps, too. Since then, however, it’s been (and will be) life in the fast lane.

I left VT before the rest of the family so I could be back for to set up and mix a concert (open rehearsal, actually) at church last night and I feel like I haven’t stopped since. After my five hour drive I stopped at home long enough to offload bags and whatnot so it could be unpacked and laundry done and all when the rest of the crew got home and then booked it down to church. Setup, sound checks, the whole deal, reset everything so I don’t confuse Sam on Sunday morning, close up the building, take care of Animals. Did I mention that I’m taking care of the neighbor’s animals while they’re out of town for a few days? Morning and evening jaunts to feed & water the chickens and dogs. I think I got home before 23:00, but I’m not really sure.

Then today I spent the morning running around doing errands and getting briefed for house/dogsitting for another friend this week. And the afternoon rebuilding the boot disk on my server/router/gateway so my Mom (among other people) could check her email. And then housecleaning. And now I’m finally sitting (at the house/dogsitting gig) and feeling thoroughly bushed. Listening to NPR, blogging, and catching up from my week without web. And I think need to go to bed right about now.