I Should Have Called This Blog "Diary of Sporadic Man"

Actually, that sounds sort of like I’m some sort of mushroom superhero, so maybe not.

So to recap the last month:

  • Work.
  • More Work.
  • Housesitting.
  • Along with work.

And that’s why I haven’t blogged. I have fixed my computer (new power supply & a real case to boot), acquired a real (if somewhat dorky looking) CB antenna for Genny, and collected a lot of other neat junk for free.

There are some advantages to working for a moving company: Sometimes people want to get rid of things and we have the priviledge of doing so for them and good stuff goes to the nearest guy who wants it. That is how I have become the owner of a Samsung Syncmaster 700IFT 17″ monitor, an HP DesignJet 350C plotter, a couple IBM 380 laptops, another old computer & HP 17 monitor, and a large piece of corkboard, among other small odds and ends. Yes folks, this is a “Score!” post, edition “Super Stuff I Don’t Have Room For But Can’t Pass Up For The Life Of Me”. But I guess that’s ok because the plotter is going to a friend who might actually use it.