Reasons My Life Is Lousy, Part 1

There’s a stack of unread magazines on the bookshelf by my bed. A pile of sorted, but unfiled papers in front of the shelf, which is overflowing, and a couple half-read books are stacked on top. One of my computers is a pile of parts screwed to some metal legs, a pile of stuff is slowly covering the desk, including the laptop that I haven’t touched for weeks. (It’s ancient.) Don’t even mention the lists of miscellaneous things to do or read or think about. And I’m sitting here writing this instead of writing a memo for Technical Writing class.

I don’t have time for my life. Or at least I doesn’t seem like it. Homework? It’s not hard, it’s just not done. I’m apathetic. I haven’t really figured out how to manage things yet this year. I only have class four days a week! In between and around classes I have whole blocks of time! And I don’t know what where the heck it’s all going!

Then again, maybe it would help if I hadn’t gotten sidetracked looking up stuff on hovercraft for three hours last night.