The Horrors Of The Everything Button

We just got a Samsung ML-2010 laser printer. It’s a great printer – cheap, compact….and it has an Everything button.

Truly, you cannot know the power of the everything button unless you have experienced it in person. For what can this innocuous grey button do? Everything! (Ok, almost everything.) It can cancel print jobs, print test pages, it can turn the Toner Save feature on and off, and it can change the paper feed.

I think Samsung might have labeled it wrong, though, the text underneath says “Cancel” and it only cancels a print job if the “On Line/Error” light is blinking. If you push the button in “Ready” mode, it turns the Toner Save feature on or off. But only if you press the button for about a second. If you just hit it real quick it doesn’t do anything.

Don’t press it too long, though – if you hold the button for two seconds then the printer will spit out a test page at you, informing anyone who cares the RAM size, CPU speed, and current settings of the printer.

Oh, you want to use one sheet from the manual feed tray instead of the bottom auto-feed tray? There’s a really simple solution. Just load a sheet and press the “Cancel” button.