Coin Tray

Coin trays really come in awful handy sometimes. I realize that fact every time I take the turnpike somewhere – prior it was because I had to fish for change while slowing down and maneuvering into the toll booth, now because it’s so easy to grab two quarters and a dime for a $0.60 toll.


It’s nothing fancy, I just made a mini tray to fit inside the big one. I used a piece of aluminum flashing I had sitting around, but just about anything would work, including cardboard. I recommend making a cardboard model before you try to make the metal one anyway, because cardboard is cheap, easier to work with, and it’s much less frustrating to ruin a bunch of cardboard scrap than it is to screw up a piece of metal you worked so hard on. (Or just worked on at all.)


Simplicity (and hot glue) at it’s finest. Originally the ends were supposed to just fold up nicely without a fuss, fitting perfectly, but the aluminum gets brittle with work and they broke off, so I Hot Glued it. I had to do some tweaking and fitting anyway (part of why they broke) as ‘close enough’ layout practices seldom produce a precision product. It took a bit of twiddling, but it eventually fit very well, as you can see. It’s just the right size so nothing can get lost back in corners without trying hard and the bottom is curved so you can scoop things out easily. Comfortably holds up to about five or six dollars in quarters & dimes.