Things I’ve Recently Discovered

Item One: The Klezmonauts – Oy to the World!
You may have already guessed, but Oy to the World is a klezmer Christmas album. Yes, the songs and carols you know artfully arranged in – well, a (mostly) klezmer style. It’s one of those unique finds that somehow defies normality and manages to be musically excellent, quirky, humorous, and poignant, all at the same time. I really need to get my own copy.

Item Two: Time Flies.
Here it is 2008 already, and I haven’t blogged since last spring. Scary how more than half a year can fly by so busily with nary a peep escaping to the electronic presence. I think the introverted season has been good – or has it been extroverted? Am I stuck so far in my own head so I don’t write, or am I so busy reading and consuming other writings that I don’t write? I really have no idea. Anyway, it’s been different, and now this next bit will probably be different as well, but I don’t know how or what way it’ll affect this blog.

Item Three: Books are Really Cool.
Having not made/had much time to read in the past summer and fall, it was nice to actually finish A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court after about seven months of reading it in fits and starts. It was also nice to get through a couple other books on my reading list in the space of a couple weeks – an amount of dead-tree examination unheard of in the recent months. The recommendation stands for all of them:
1) A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (Mark Twain)
2) Too Busy Not To Pray (Bill Hybels)
3) Me, Myself and Bob (Phil Vischer)

Which reminds me, I don’t have a super-schnazzy rating system to use when recommending things here. Have to work on that.