Dr. Seuss And Theology

Have you ever thought how much God is like Green Eggs & Ham? It’s a weird food. It’s somewhat odd stuff, it doesn’t look right and sounds sorta disgusting. Ham and Eggs are not supposed to be Green, it just isn’t right. It’s unconventional. And it’s introduced to us in an unconventional way, by an unconventional guy with an unconventional name – and that unconventional guy, The Great Sam-I-Am, just will not go away.

Then we go through so much ridiculous trouble to avoid him and his abnormally colored wares. (“I will not eat it with a Fox, I will not eat it in a box!” Or on a train, or in a plane…) And after going through all that, we find out that Green Eggs & Ham really are really good, after all! And we end up good friends with the Great Sam-I-Am himself, creator of this strangely unconventional dish that apparently isn’t even sold in stores, but given personally.

So there you have it, metaphor where there never was (and probably ever shouldn’t be). This post brought to you by the color Green and Theolo-vision.