The Pod Is Cast

I’ve discovered podcasting. It’s a fascinating phenomenon, that one subscribes to what are, effectively, (mini) radio shows and listens when one pleases. I don’t quite know why it fascinates me so. Perhaps it’s the fact that, really, I’m an audio/radio geek at heart and if I have the choice of watching, listening, or reading, I will listen while I work on something else.

Whatever the reason, really, it’s fascinating. Also internet radio. I still listen to Thistle & Shamrock, but it’s also very nice to be able to listen to other celtic music or British folk any time, 24/7. And while I’m on this internet audio kick, I should also tell you that I’ve been listening to Three Men in a Boat during my otherwise quiet, music, or NPR saturated driving time. Excellent book, by the way. Timeless British hilarity cannot be had much better. All this to say that I downloaded it from Librivox, which aims to record, through volunteer vocal chords, any and every book in the public domain. Tall order, but good results so far. There is the occasional quality issue – some people, well meaning and talented as they may be, do need some coaching to make their reading aloud palatable – but the enjoyment has largely outweighed that particular chapter.

I should also note that the iPod shuffle excels at audiobooks, as long as you don’t do the shuffle part. It’s a book-on-a-stick that remembers where you left off!

If I had a decent mic and less cumbersome recording setup, I’d consider doing a State of the Stickman podcast to top my extended family’s penchant for weekly/monthly/otherwise periodic email narratives of goings-on.