Sunday Afternoon And The Portage Of Tools

Today, we bring you another project which shall either be embarrassing, stupendous, or both, and possibly prove once and for all that you should think twice before admitting you know me.

We present to you, the Toolpack Rev. 1! Completed in a single Sunday afternoon of actual work and a lot of other random time of thinkage. (Including during the sermon this morning. Ahem. Sorry Pastor Warren.)

Over the past months I have been carting a growing collection of tools and other paraphernalia to work and back and have been resisting the trend among my fellow movers to buy Very Large Toolboxes (or bags) which end up being Very Heavy and Very Awkward and working best on wheels. I can usually get away with just my backpack (with lunchbox strapped on) and toolbag, but on the days when I need toolbag, drill, wrenches, books for the truck ride, first aid, *and* yummy lunchyness, I feet a distinct need for a couple extra arms. (Three if I have to bring my boots, too.)

This inspired – or at least prompted – the thought that I could probably fit it all on an old backpack frame, if I were crazy enough to try, and could find a backpack frame. After weeks of prowling curbs and checking out Goodwill I remembered Dad had one in the basement. (Thanks, Dad.) With the addition of some snazzy 1-1/4″ safety-orange webbing I snagged from the dumpster at the freight warehouse, we got us a lean, mean, tool-carrying… thing.

Now at least I can break my back eccentrically.