Nintendo 64 Video Cable

I am probably one of the few people in the world bought their first gaming console at the age of 20, at Goodwill, for $15. Naturally, there has to be some sort of catch – the RF modulator didn’t work and even if it did the TV is in my parents bedroom.

Conclusion: We must get audio and composite video output from the Nintendo and plug it into ReRun without spending money on a cable. This adapter is what resulted.

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I found a pinout for the A/V connector at It’s pretty straight-forward and has basically all the signals you need in one convenient connector; the main problem is finding the right connector, as it’s a custom edge-card type deal. I’m a cheapskate, so obviously hunting up something to buy was out of the question. (But I’ve since found at least two different nintendo video cables at Goodwill.)

I had some odd edge-card slots sitting around, I think from a box of junk I got from a Physics department cleanout at SMCC.

From there it’s primarily a matter of cutting a piece to length and filing it down to fit in the slot.

Filing it is a little tedious. Take it slow and do it straight. My connector had to filed down to super-thin edges to fit and I broke it. Luckily super glue worked…

It fits! Woohoo! Now for the fun soldering part that I didn’t take pictures of.

The final product. I wired it with a short piece of Cat5, using one pair each for left audio, right audio, and composite video. I put the signal on one wire of the pair and ground on the other. On the pinout, pins 11 and 12 are labeled as L+R Audio (Mono) and L-R audio (To calculate stereo), but I’m not convinced that this is correct, it sounds like normal stereo to me.