You’ve always wanted an eject handle on your VCR, right?

See, my Aunt’s VCR stopped spitting tapes back out like it’s supposed to and I couldn’t fix the piece that broke. See that picture of the VCR’s guts? The big thing circled in red is a big, clever, complicated, gear/cam mechanism that very neatly uses one motor to do the approximately five different things necessary to insert and eject a tape.

Unfortunately, one little peg down in the depths of that complex thing broke, causing the eject lever to not move when it was supposed to. That lever, it shoves toward the front of the VCR and spits the tape out. Now if only we could move it manually…

Hey, there’s a convenient hole there in that arm that just might fit a screw. And then we can attach a handle to the screw and then if we pull on it at the right time the video tape will eject! Eureka!

There’s even a handy little notch there that lets us run our handle right out the front panel of the VCR.

Presto! The finished product.

Now ejecting a video tape is an easy four-step process:

  1. Press the eject button.
  2. Count to three (or listen for the right noise)
  3. Yank firmly on the lever
  4. Attempt to catch the tape as it rockets out of the VCR.

It’s as good as those toasters that actually shoot the bread out. I love it when cartoons come to life.