Castle: Papoose Pond 2004

Modern Methods of Medieval Defence

…or something. This one was built atPapoose Pond Resort in Waterford Maine. On the smallish side of things, but plenty of character, nonetheless. The pictures are courtesy of my friend Jeff (due to a slight mishap with our digital camera), so I won’t lament the lighting conditions here. The sand isn’t tops, either, but workable. This castle really ought to have a gallery to get it’s different angles (of which there are plenty) properly.

The Great Minor Pyramid and Sphinx

My brother Josh takes full credit for this piece of work, which is, as far as sand pyramids go, pretty historically accurate. It was also built at Papoose Pond, we were there after school had started and the rest of my family was doing a segment on Egyptian history, hence the subject and detail. Actually, Josh is always detailed about things, but more so when he’s just been studying it and knows even more details than usual. This one really needs a gallery to appreciate it fully, as well, and the graininess is mostly the sand, not the photo. Really.