The Cheapskate Guide To Storage Cubbies

Useful-seeming things can either be inspirational and useful or a challenge to find storage space for. Occasionally I find one that I don’t end up storing.

We get some of our parts at work in 9″ square boxes (ULine #S-4094) – which are a pain to unpack in large quantities – but which large quantities empty in piles give a sense of grandeur, of hidden purpose, of something-that-could-really-be-something if only the right use were found. Like spiffy storage cubbies. And we needed some of those (which I discovered after bringing home a pile of boxes) to make our non-existent entryway more of an entryway and less of a shoe pile.

The boxes are (re-)taped on the bottom and the top flaps folded in, and the boxes are clipped together with medium binder clips. That’s it. Binder clips are the new duck tape.