In Which I Invent An Arm Stool

I hate desk chairs with arms. The arms just get in the way of my arms, me, and end up running into any number of other things. Consequently, I had a bunch of unused desk chair arms taking up space that I needed to do something with, so I made them into a footstool.

I think I may put a cushion or something on it, but it also make a good end table as it is.

Build notes:

I glued together 1x lumber for the top. I have a virtually unlimited supply of medium-quality fir 1×8 from shipping crates at work, so that’s what I used. Add wood glue, clamps, screws, and let set overnight to get a fairly rugged pseudo-plywood. Much less split-prone, as well.

The arms are just screwed in with 1-1/4″ drywall screws with some trusty #10 flat washers. Very handy for holes that screw heads are in danger of fitting through.

I ended up putting four legs on it instead of three, the anti-symmetry of three legs on an octagonal top grated against my sensibilities.

More build photos in the gallery.


2 thoughts on “In Which I Invent An Arm Stool

    • Two things: lack of forethought and it was easier to figure out and cut that way with a minimum of wasted material. I’ve since put the fourth on so it’s not kicking around under my workbench and getting in the way, which was the whole idea for the project anyway.

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