I Build A Monster Bed Frame

After weeks of sporadic planning and plotting, I finally got around to building a new custom bed frame. We’ve been using a Futon for quite a while – got that because it’s multi-purpose and it has been all right. But, not truly excellent as a bed should be.  This is because:

  1. The frame has a rib that makes a lump right down the middle of the bed
  2. The mattress – while a good futon mattress – is a futon mattress (and we still want it to work as a couch!)
  3. Storage underneath was completely maxed out

So, I built a frame that:

  1. Is flat
  2. Can be used with any Double-size mattress
  3. Has ~54ft³ of usable storage space underneath (1st revision)

It’s all based on the Cheap, easy, low-waste platform bed plans Instructable.

Build Notes:

  • Do like he says and get 14′ 1×4, don’t not think and get 12′ like I did. Less scrap – which I probably have a use for anyway, but still.
  • You might need a center framing member if you want a very stiff frame or if you use #2 pine for slats and your wife is not convinced of it’s structural integrity.
  • Do not try to explain how it should be fine, the knots make it weaker in spots but it should be strong enough anyway, and the small cracking noises are probably just small splits by the screw holes splitting a little and those aren’t structural anyway. (Even if it’s all true, she might be skeptical.)
  • This bed is not for short people, unless you literally like climbing into – and jumping out of – bed. Especially with a thick mattress.

As originally built the legs were 24″, which made the bed a little too tall for comfort and peace of mind, even for tall people like me. A queen size might be OK, but a pillow-top double just doesn’t leave as much space to not fall off, or not fear falling off. I ended up cutting the legs down to 18″, which is a good compromise between usefulness as a bed and usefulness for mega storage.