Scrap Wood And A Sound Cart

It all started with particle board. And particle board is bad.

More specifically, it’s cheap and what the old cart we had the mixer and some other sound gear in was made of. It showed signs of failing since I had known it, but finally decided to completely disintegrate one morning on it’s way out of the elevator. And thus I was motivated to actually build the new cart I’d been thinking about.

I built it almost completely out of scrap crate wood from work – used another piece of 1/2″ plywood for the shelves & base. It could really use a coat of finish, but it’s very functional and fairly solid.

Big Features:

  • Completely close-able & latch-able
  • Hidden lid latch
  • Bottom compartment to stow the snake

You can see the latch detail in the gallery below – a piece of 1/2″ aluminum angle fits in to slots cut in the rails that hold the lid together. Shut the lid first and when the door is shut, it holds the lid down.