Hide-A-Grinder Wonder Shelf

In the process of moving to my wife’s grandmother’s place (or rather, as a result), I inherited both workbench and bench grinder from previous generations. How said generations had attached and safely used the grinder is a bit of a mystery because the grinder was just bolted to a loose chunk of 2×8 and I have not bothered to ask the other generation for their wisdom. (I keep forgetting.)

But no matter, said I, for we shall conserve bench space and be ingenious and clever all at the same time! And so I was.

Ok, so maybe not all that, but now the bench grinder folds neatly underneath the bench when not needed, and not everyone can fold a bench grinder neatly.

It’s simple enough – two large hinges scavenged from a packing crate hold the shelf to the bench, and a random door hinge holds the peg-leg to the shelf. Pull the leg out to let it all swing down, swing it up, and the leg falls back into place again. Repeat in reverse to, um, reverse the process.

The hinge logic (a type of logic which I did not know existed) took me a couple tries to get my brain around; if done wrong (read: all the other ways I tried first) the shelf will not go where or as far as is wanted. As it is, the shelf flips completely upside-down under the bench and the leg holds it at the same height both when up and when folded. Because of the geometry, I believe this is the only possible hinge configuration that will work.