Boss ManMode Hack

My ManMode hack is pretty simple and, well, hackish, but it works, and Plexiglass and rubber have a sort of elegance all their own. (My personal opinion, of course.) The Boss ME-33 has a ‘Manual’ mode button to allow you to manually control the different effects with the stomp switches, more like a bunch of stomp-boxes instead of banks of patches.


This is pretty cool, except for the fact that to access this mode you have to poke this little blue rubber button with your finger, which involves bending over and taking your hands off of your guitar, which is not as good as stomping on something. (Especially after being spoiled by this feature on my previous pedal, an old ART multi-effects board.)


It’s a piece of Plexiglas, cut to size. Big enough to hit and not break, but not so big you can’t access other buttons. The sticker is so I can see it easier. The hinge is a piece of bicycle inner-tube, superglued onto the plexi. ShoeGoo(tm) came off of that part, but is holding fine on the back of the pedal and is prefereable to superglue where possible because you can take if off if you really want/need to. There’s another small chunk of rubber (this one’s from a 4″ rubber pipe cap) on the end of the plexi to press on the right button and not anything else and is held into place with a modified push-pin. You could also use any other short (~3/8″ long) piece of wire, guitar string (not too thin!), etc., just so it sticks into the rubber and stays there most of the time. Long enough to hold and short enough to not go all the way through the button. It could cause problems if it’s long enough to stick through and hit the switch/circuit board or whatever is under there. I had to sharpen the dull end or it wouldn’t stick into the rubber piece on one end.