It Started And Ended With A Yard Trailer

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The old trailer worked OK, it had age issues so I decided to replace a couple parts so I could put a tailgate on it and haul leaves. I ended up completely rebuilding the whole trailer, but without sides yet – so I still can’t haul leaves and stuff. Details after the break!

This is all scrap wood – except for the PT 4×4 tongue, which I picked up by the side of the road, I scavenged it all from pallets & crates at work. I bought new bolts and stuff, but that’s it.

Pretty basic frame – two main rails are bolted to the old snowblower chassis, cross pieces bolted to the rails, and the deck bones are bolted to the cross bones. Nothin’ fancy there.

The fancy there is, is in the tongue – there’s a bracket piece in the middle of the snowblower frame that is perfect to hold the end of a 4×4, and I bolted in a block forward to actually carry most of the load. 1/4″ lags into the end grain don’t hold much.

The tongue block is held in by two big bolts I copped from another pallet. (They make ’em hefty for industrial condensing units.) I think they’re around 9/16″x6″ or so. I had to sink the bottom one in to get enough thread into the block.

If I were doing it again I’d make sure that the tongue is a little longer for ease of backing, and that balance is a little further forward. As it is loads tend to balance a little behind the axle and the hitch bangs up and down.