Have New Headlight, Can Snowblow At Night

When it is storming, neighbors take warning. (And I apologize to anyone in the neighborhood who tries/has tried to sleep at 4:30 on any morning I snowblow before work.)

Anyway, my Dad’s Gravely 5260 has an extra bracket welded on to the bracket for the snowblower turn-handle-thingy. It’s a very convenient place to mount a headlight.

The Pro 16 I’m running, unfortunately, is not as convenient. The newer quick-hitch snowblower has it’s own handle support, so I’m out of luck on that. But, where convenience fails, random scrap parts can prevail! It’s not pretty but it works.

It consists of:

  • One lonely headlight found at an estate sale
  • One piece of 1/8″x1 aluminum angle stock of arbitrary length (about 18″)
  • A couple bolts, some steel banding strap, a chunk of wood, and a bungee cord

The light had a handy clamp piece on it already that bolted right to the angle stock. I attached the angle to the handlebar by bolting the banding strap around it, tightened up slop with a chunk of wood between the handlebar and bolt, and *then* made it not wobble with the bungie cord. And if you try this at home, make sure the hood clears everything before you bolt it down and get all happy about it.

The wiring I just tapped off the accessory position of the keyswitch, which was running just the hour meter. I spliced wires and crimped disconnects to make everything changeable in the future, but I don’t have a picture of that at the moment.

We’ll see how well/if it all actually works in the dark, with vibration and things. The only other item I need to be completely dorked out is a flashing orange light on the hood.